Waiting to Wake Up 👍

I was listening carefully because I thought I heard sounds like I hadn’t heard in a long time in the living room.

It was me, wiggling my toes around in my slippers.

Happy Easter, by the way!

We celebrate Easter for the kids, but other than that, not so much, because this is right around the time my mother died.

We’re going to the Mario movie today.

Derek is nervous about Aislyn never having been to the movies before, but I think she’ll do fine.

Desmond is up. He tells me he has difficulty falling asleep much before 10, which is very concerning to me. He is too young to still be awake that late.

I wonder if melatonin might help.

He asked me what would happen if he stayed up eating tacos. I said he’d probably get heartburn.

He said he wouldn’t eat tacos, then, because he didn’t want to die.

I said heartburn wouldn’t kill you, just make you uncomfortable.

I told him I had much heartburn when I was pregnant with him because of all the hair he had when he was born.

There is an actual study that links pregnancy heartburn and hair. I started to read it, but I don’t know if I read all the way through it.

Anyway, he was relieved that heartburn isn’t deadly. Tacos are his favorite food.

He asked me if he really had a lot of hair when he was born.

“You were a rockstar,” I said. “You had this mass of dark, thick, greasy hair. It fell out, though, and fine, lighter hair grew in its place. It thickened as you got older.”

He gave me a big hug when he came downstairs this morning.

I called Shane. He got up, said “mmph” and sat on my lap.

Fell asleep on my belly

Ask and you shall receive.

Only problem is, I have to go to the bathroom.

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