The Easter Post, 2023 Edition 👍

Overall it was a successful Easter morning.

Aislyn got a Peppa Pig ball, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, jelly beans, which she didn’t want, and gummy bears. These in addition to all of the gifts from Gramma, Mimi, and Grandpa.

Desmond got a suction ball game, a marshmallow shooter, a water bomb rocket, and M&Ms in addition to the gifts from grandparents.

The children’s favorite gift from the Easter Bunny by far were six plastic eggs with little personalized notes inside them, which read:

  • A SUS computer
  • Believe in Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, and Steven!
  • Arm day, bro
  • Willaby wallaby waislyn
  • Despite your popularity
  • What a very good dog you arrrrrrrrre

It’s okay that you do not know what these mean. They are inside jokes, understood only by the Taylor Family, and, for some reason, the Easter Bunny.

🐣 🐰 🥚

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