Way Up 👍

I’ve gained 3.4 since last week. So unnecessary.

I’m not going to make it to the workshop today, but at least I can now weigh in from home to stay on track. It’s when I was able to skip weigh-ins that I got in real trouble.

We’re having shepherd’s pie and bunny cake for dinner, so that’s good. Shepherd’s pie is pretty low in points, I think…or not. It’s 12 points, now. It used to be like 4, maybe 6.

Well, so at least now I know, and I won’t have two helpings like I might’ve otherwise. Salad for lunch, maybe. Or maybe we won’t even eat in Newburyport.

All this talk about food, though, and it’s not even 10:00, yet.

At least I have a plan.

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