Weird 👍

I discovered that I actually still see my screen better with no glasses at all. So I’m here for a prescription recheck.

I thought maybe I was still getting used to the progressives or something, but, I don’t know. That just seemed wrong. So they told me to call with any concerns.

Probably I should’ve stayed with McLaughlin for my eye exams. For proximity reasons I changed.

They said that that was pretty normal for progressives. You have to learn how to look through them.

I’m also still wearing my old prescription, single vision safety lenses 40 hours a week, so it might be taking longer to get used to the progressives.

All stuff I kinda wish I woulda known ahead of time.

Aw, well.

Busy busy day tomorrow. Visiting with all the grandparents. Lego Movie Easter Sunday, and, of course, Easter Sunday, itself. Sometimes the Easter Bunny has been known to hide plastic eggs with random silly Post-it notes inside them around our house. I wonder if he’ll do that this year.

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