Slept In 👍

Forgot to take my Topomax and woke up Desmond last night, talking in my sleep.

I got up at 2, but fell back asleep until 5. Got up, had my coffee, did a metric ton of dishes.

Waiting for my meds to kick in so I can stop yawning and say something profound.

Some people might be working today. I wouldn’t be either way because Aislyn is sick. Derek could stay home, but he’d still be working. I just think she probably needs her mama.

Luckily, Eddie didn’t need me, anyway.

You make the big bucks today, though. Holiday plus overtime.

I’m staring at the four laundry baskets in front of me, wondering why there need to be four big baskets perpetually in our living room. Just try to get around here in the dark, I dare you. It’s like a maze.

My fault for buying so many baskets.

I think it’s safe to put my light box away by now. I’m only supposed to need it during the short days of the year. I still put it on, though, because it’s there, because it can’t hurt, because truthfully I don’t get out much lately.

When I wasn’t working, and when I worked from home, I took the kids outside a lot more.

As much as I enjoy the early morning solitude, I won’t miss this crazy schedule, if I get promoted. I’m too tired to do anything when I get home.

But I’m worried. It’s not looking good from where I sit.

Have a frenetic Friday, friends. Drive safely, and thanks for reading. ❤️

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