Welcome to the Shoot Show 👍

I’m your host, O. Shoot.

The south WH is fine. It’s the north that was in trouble this morning. James is out today, not everyone knew, and Daniel got way behind.

I went over to help, and these women in production who are normally lovely were all up in arms. At me. It was overwhelming, to say the least.

I was thinking about it, and a four-day weekend will probably be good for me. I kind of need it to decompress.

We get Good Friday and Easter Monday. Pretty weird, right?

There’s pizza today, but I’ll probably miss it because I eat early.

I have to do something. I am so unhappy with how I look. I have to find a way to change my afternoon/ nighttime habits, just as I’ve changed Dunk.

It’s much harder, though, because I have to go home. I have to avoid my kids’ much yummier snacks. I have to say no to ordering for dinner several times a week. All of those have-to’s are really hard for me to overcome.

By that time of day, I end up craving something really sweet, followed by something super savory.

I may have just hit upon something, here. Can’t eating too many sweets cause you then to crave something savory?

I have go. I may explore this more later.

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