Want Pizza 👍

I was busy, so I didn’t make it to break on time, which means everybody in the dumb world is going to be in here.

Almost everybody.

Some gray-haired dude is already in my dumb comfy chair, so I’m sitting in the dumb, all-ripped-up chair because I don’t want to be at a dumb table alone.

Can you believe I’m 45 years old and I’m still traumatized by the prospect of being seen sitting at a table by myself?

That’s right, Hutchfolk. I am choosing to sit alone. I will be shunned by no one.

I’m kidding…kinda.

Here’s the pizza. Gray Hair got up. Should I go take his seat?

Yup, cus he sat at a table. HAH!

I could feel that ripped chair assaulting my dumb butt.

I should clarify: I have nothing at all against gray-haired men. I think gray hair is distinguished and handsome. Silvery or white hair on women can be pretty, too.

Not that I’m biased. There is absolutely no possibility that my own hair is changing, I assure you.

Okay, well, I suppose I should get going. Finn is going to start to worry about me.

Again, kidding.

Even MoKi’s (Motorcycle Kid) in here, admiring me from the other end of the room.

Totally kidding…I think.

Okay, then. Definitely going now.

Haven’t had any pizza.

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