Getting Up at 2:00 May Have Been a Mistake 👍

I feel tired, like I could fall asleep in my chair. My head hurts slightly. I was moody, but feeling better now.

I’m up on the scale. Not surprised. Last night couldn’t have been more off-program. Pop Tarts and spaghetti? Chocolate covered figs? Lindt balls?!

Yeah. I partied hard.

There are external factors, I think, keeping me from being successful right now. Stressors.

I’m not making excuses or giving myself a pass, believe me. Everyday I try, and everyday, unfortunately, I fail.

Not at everything. I still haven’t gone back to Dunkin.’ I’m still drinking some water, though I struggle with it. I’m still putting my shirts away like a big girl. Still getting lots of steps in.

So I guess I’m not altogether failing. I’m just not performing up to my standards. I’m not tracking the many, many impulse snacks I eat. I’m not staying anywhere close to my daily budget or healthy range.

Maybe getting up and going to work would wake me out of this little Leah cocoon I feel like I’m in right now.

If I go now, though, I will feel like I’ve been there forever by 7:00.

Plus, Matt is the only one there, and he’s not been pleasant to Daniel or to me by association since Daniel left him that note about his sweatshirts.

Oh! But I’m starting on the south side today.

That’s right. Marta is away for the next week and a half, and they need someone to peel and stack. So Eddie asked me.

Well naturally I had to go and open my big mouth and ask if it was going to be like the last time I was in there for Marta, but Eddie didn’t know much about what she actually does.

“Oh, she does a lot,” I told him.

Let’s just play it by ear, is what he basically said to me about it.

Great. I’m gonna be run ragged.

No Honda, though.

But it also means I won’t be on that side of the building. ☹️

I like that side of the building way better. It’s colder, for one thing.

Of course, my locker is over there. And Eddie said I could check on Honda if I wanted to.

I imagine I can find reasons to meander my way down every so often.

It’s funny. The place is so big, you end up missing the people who change departments or floors if you worked with them everyday. Daniel is talking about welding, and while I totally think he should do it and it would be great for him, all I can think for myself is, Awww, man! Not another one.

Anyway, now it really is about that time. So have a wild Wednesday, friends, but drive safely, and as always, thanks for reading. 😊❤️🥰

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