Already Done with Southie 👍

I’ve been in Honda the last hour. Why? Because there was nothing else to do and I had to get out of there.

Finn yelled at me. For putting some stupid boxes where he didn’t want them. Normally, his baloney doesn’t bother me that much, but today for some reason? I almost wound up crying in the bathroom.

I don’t know. Hormones? Other stuff?

Funny thing is, I kind of knew he’d give me a hard time about those boxes. I set myself up for that.

I get a kick out of people who brag about how they don’t take anyone else’s crap. You know, as if you do take crap. I defended myself just fine, thanks. I always do.

I don’t put up with other peoples’ nonsense, either, but I don’t feel the need to constantly boast about it.

I feel like people who do that are insecure and desperately have something to prove. I don’t.

That’s not to say I’m not insecure in other ways. Of course I am.

Just not that way.

I haven’t seen Evan in a decade. I wonder if he looks different. Would I recognize him? Has he grown a mullet?

A beard?

Have I?

The good news is I got here at 5:30 today, so I can leave at 2:00.

I’m going to end this post just a little early so I can just sit here and do nothing for a few minutes.

See you later maybe.

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