The Letter You Don’t Share

I wrote GWERPH a note in red Sharpie. It was a second request. It went like this:

Please return the yellow pallet jacks to the warehouse when you are done with them. Locating them around the building is actually not in my job description. Thank you.

Don’t worry, I threw it away and rewrote the note without the sarcasm. I just needed to get it out of my system. And show it to Daniel.

I am a great role model for our youth.

I don’t know it’s GWERPH who displaces the pallet jacks. But I know that since he started, they mysteriously end up on the production floor and upstairs.

But I didn’t write anyone’s name on the note.

Sometimes it’s helpful to write letters you know you won’t send. It’s a way of venting your frustrations without hurting someone’s feelings or damaging relationships.

I went on break mostly because there was nothing to do. This week is slow.

My right hand hurts today. Not sure why.

I dreamt of middle school orientation last night. Random? Or not really?

Am I thinking about Desmond going into fifth grade, but recalling past events because of it?

I’m worried. Of course I am. I’d be worried no matter his situation. If he were the most popular kid at his school (which, maybe he is, I don’t know), I’d still be worried about middle school.


Because it’s middle school.

I’ve gotten into this at a late juncture, and now I don’t have time to delve into it, though I want to. I have to go.

Maybe I will keep going at lunch.

See you really soon (I hope). ❤️

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