It’s a rainy day. My hands hurt. I’m bored. I want chocolate.

I mean, I want chocolate, but not the points that come with it. So I’ve delayed buying it for now. Just eating my eggs and tomatoes with sea salt, right now.

Okay, they’re gone. Now what?

Keep writing.

Why am I worried about middle school?

Because I remember it.

I remember the teasing, bullying, and, sometimes worst of all, the loneliness.

The humiliation of having no friends at all, no place. No clique.

There were some days I would hide in the bathroom rather than be seen by myself at the lunch table, in the gym.

In the seventh grade, I had nobody.

I was too paralyzed by social anxiety to reach out to the other kids.

I got interrupted by a phone call, funny, from school. But I’m out of time again. Finish later.

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