Running Topics 👍

I am racking my brain for a topic. Other than something that will bring me down.

Maybe now is a good time to start a running topics list. I wonder if there’s a way to flag posts, so I won’t forget which one it is when I want to go back to it. I guess I can just use the search function.

So, let me see…

  • Repainting rooms in the house
  • Desmond’s idea of adding a room to the house
  • (More) organizing tips and strategies
  • Habit change
  • New food ideas
  • Activities I’d like to learn how to do
  • Other career paths I could’ve taken
  • Random childhood memories (part 3?)
  • Toys I always wanted as a kid
  • Toys I want right now
  • What I think is funny
  • What I think is not funny
  • More music
    • Good songs to listen to when you’re mad
    • When you need a pick me up
    • When you don’t mind feeling sad
    • When you’re trying to score
    • Song lyrics
    • Music videos I’ve constructed in my mind
  • To degree or not to degree (go back to school)
  • What I wish was different about WordPress
  • What I wish was different about Analytics
  • My favorite children’s book character/ author
  • My hero (Sargent Mary 😉)
  • Tolerance
  • Things that scare me (other than rejection and rodents)
  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • The time I told Desmond the truth about my history as a smoker
  • Our talk about middle school kids
  • Aislyn’s first year of school
  • Aislyn’s old soul
  • Why I think it’s okay to take long breaks

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