Late Bloomer 👍

The lights were on in Honda, but no one was working. So I asked Mavis: “Is Honda running today?” She looked at me like I was stupid and snipilly replied that she had one returnable. “Oh, okay…sorry I asked,” I muttered.

My teachers always taught me there was no such thing as a dumb question. They must’ve been lying.

Don’t worry, Desmond, I won’t say it.

I think to myself: that’s the last time I try talking to Mavis. And I begin to write it here.

But then I think about my kids reading this blog. Is that really what I want to teach them? That you should give up on difficult people or situations?

No. I want to teach them the exact opposite of that. And, really, I should be practicing the opposite, myself.

So I’m not going to write that in my blog. And I’m not going to make that comment. And I’m not going to have that attitude. How would freezing out Mavis be any better than how she treats me?

I have a chance to be the bigger person. I might as well take it.

Are we ever going to be BFFs? Doubtful. But we don’t have to be mortal enemies. I don’t need that kind of energy in my life.

Am I growing up?

It’s about time.

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