Better Get Started on This 👎

It’s 4:52. I don’t have much time.

I partied all weekend and somehow maintained a relatively low reading on the scale.

Magic weekend.

I’m not feeling exactly better today. Not exactly happy. How can I be?

Derek thinks he just knows which buttons to push, but I don’t know.

“You hurt me today.” I said to him. That’s all I said. It made him cry. It made him say those horrible things about himself.

I hate making my kids cry. If I could take it back and say something else, or nothing at all, I would in a heartbeat.

He thinks all he ever does is hurt people. He thinks he’s a bad person and it’s all over for him. He actually told Aislyn she’s “still young.” He is 9.

Do I take him to another psychologist? He won’t listen to me. He doesn’t believe the things I tell him about the kind of person he is.

I can’t get into this any further right now because I’m going to get all emotional (too late) and I’ve got to go. I just love him so much and I need him to see in himself what I see. I can’t let him grow up feeling like this.

Have a magic Monday, my readers. Cast me a healing spell. Drive safely. Thanks for listening. ❤️♥️💜

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