Cloud Nine 🤭 👎

Finally. Finally. The demographic I was expecting has appeared.

The exact age bracket I predicted. It’s only the second one to show up, too.

It takes a long time and a ton of data to get some of these demographics to populate, but, lo and behold, here it is. Hello, beautiful.

I’m so happy I think I might be getting an erection.

Oh, what?! Everybody has their thing, don’t they? Desmond likes national and state flags, Derek is into horror movies, Mom likes the Whitehouse, Angelo fishes, Ray bowls, Evan and Daniel love cars. My thing is stats.

So? SOOOO? Okay, maybe it’s weird. Who cares?

Stats tell a story. Stats paint a picture.

As long as they’re done correctly, stats reveal the truth.

And the truth. Will. Set. You. Free.

Mic drop.

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