WW—Haverhill 👍

I guess I was wrong. There are not 108 members all at one Haverhill meeting, which, thank God for that. I’m quiet, but I still want to feel like I have a voice in the group.

I’m down a smidge from yesterday and from last week. Well, a pound. Which is good, I guess. But still up from where I was previously.

It’s okay. Progress is not linear, and I need to think positive. I’m down this week. Not up, not same. So that’s great. I’ll take it.

I’ve finally got Shane on my lap and now I have to leave. Bummer. He’s so warm and soft.

At least it’s not snowing.

I have an increasing collection of 14s that fit. Granted, they are the stretchy material, but, again, I will take it.

Some people shop for the label. I shop for the size. If they’re the next size down and they fit, they’re probably coming home with me. Wrong color? Who cares? Weird pattern? So be it.

I will wear clothes way out of style, too, if they look good on me. I was very happy to see wide leg jeans come back, and I will probably keep right on wearing them long after they’ve gone back “out.”

I prefer a wide leg or flare to skinny or tapered any day.

Anyway, it’s time for me to go, and wouldn’t you know it, I am starving.

Talk later, my friends. ❤️

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