Recalibrating đź‘Ť

This cold is miserable. Evan, you’re in big trouble!

It’s a common cold. I realize I probably didn’t really get it from Evan. I could’ve caught it from literally anyone in the world. How many different cafeteria tables did I touch last week? How many bathroom stall doors?

But I’m totally going to tease him about it, anyway.

I might not. People don’t always get when I’m joking them. Then they get all defensive and I have to explain that I was only kidding.

But other times I’ll say things that are not that funny and men, in particular, will laugh. I’m standing there like an idiot, thinking, it’s okay, dude, it wasn’t that funny.

My sense of humor might be broken.

My gage might need calibration.

My stomach might need food.

Talk later.

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