NSVs Are Free 👍

It smelled like French fries when I came in here, which made me want something other than what I have, which are eggs and tomatoes. I contemplated pulled pork mac and cheese, because I love both of those foods, but in the end I just went with my original lunch.

So there you go, NSV.

I am inexplicably down on the scale this morning, so may as well stay in that rhythm.

That shy little Spanish guy from maintenance with all the hair has a hot little girlfriend in production. I think it’s cute. She might be taller than him.

I always had that to my advantage. I’m not taller than anyone. Tall boys liked me. Average boys liked me. Short boys liked me. I had a nice wide variety to choose from. So many, many suitors.


I was so awkward and shy. I was not nearly as often approached as my more loquacious friends.

I was pretty, though. I looked like my mother. I am thinking probably I didn’t smile enough. Men in particular always seem to want me to be smiling more. Even still.

I think there is an actual reason for that. I’m not sure what it is, but I think there is some psychology and possibly even biology behind it.

It sounds silly and obvious, maybe, but I do think there’s more to it.

They’re bringing lots of food in here, like a cake and stuff. This might be a good time to go, so I don’t eat any of it.

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