Dumb Day 👍

I’m just waiting for the groceries, which I will have to put away by myself, since Derek has a meeting.

I scheduled them at 4:00 this week instead of 5:00 because I’m so tired by 5:00. But it means I won’t have adult help.

I am regretting this decision.

I guess Shane didn’t want to sit with Mama today, because, look, he’s over there.

Okay, he is in my chair…but I’m not!

I am still annoyed about the thing I found out this morning. And I wonder how other people are feeling about it, too.

On the whole I was not impressed with today. It was cold. It was dull. Yesterday was better. I hope tomorrow is more like yesterday.

I guess everyday can’t be identical to the last, right? We wouldn’t want that, anyway.

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