Say What? 👍

I saw Evan at like 9:30 this morning, so as I walked by (with my Honda cart), I said, “You’re here early.”

He gave me a weird expression and said, “Thanks.”


He did not look pleased.

I don’t know what he thinks I said, but he seemed either ticked off or confused.

I just said, “Uh, okaaay…” because now I’m all confused.

What sounds like “You’re here early” that would make that look happen?

I want to ask him but I don’t know where the quality lab is.

Probably I’ll see him around. Well, hopefully. There are some days I don’t. They’re pretty rare, now, though. Extruding is our neighbor.

I wonder if we’re having a 1:30 meeting today. Somehow Eddie knew it was my birthday. I’ve only told two people: Daniel and Sherry B.

I would’ve probably told Evan if not for that whole communication debacle.

I don’t usually tell people it’s my birthday, But they’re the three people I like the most, here. Not gonna lie.

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