It’s Going Down

Not my weight, unfortunately. That’s up today. But I’m not having cake or ice cream or anything tonight, so it’ll all come out in the wash.

No, I’m talking about the feud between Matt and Daniel.

Between Matt and everyone, really. Poor Matt. There must be a reason he chooses third shift. He probably has a hard time getting along with anybody.

Daniel brings in lots of sweatshirts and leaves them on the desk. Matt doesn’t like it, and moves them. Daniel wrote him a polite letter to please leave his stuff alone.

This morning we found the note stuck to a high pole, and all of our jackets and sweatshirts were missing. We eventually found them on a table in Eddie’s office.

I understand Matt wanting to keep the area orderly. I’m the same way. Clutter drives me right over the edge. But I also empathize with Daniel’s point of don’t touch my stuff!

Also, Matt, you’re a grown-ass man. Why are you initiating a power struggle with a 19-year-old?

This is literally the only drama I can report at The Hutch. I realize it is complete and utter schmaltz. College roommate stuff.

There is something far juicier I am aching to talk to someone about. I can’t discuss it here. It’s big. Biiiiiiiig.

For the moment I’m in here all by myself. Just me, my sodas, and the surveillance cams.

You know they’re watching.

I think it’s time to go. See you later. 😉

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