Stuff 👍

I woke up starving at 2:30, so I got up and got dressed. Am now regretting this decision. Even after I’ve taken my meds. Maybe they haven’t kicked in.

I had 3 Fiber One brownies and then I couldn’t eat my oatmeal; I had to dump it down the sink. I hate being wasteful.

I’m glad I was able to get these nice gaming chairs for the kids, but together and with all the blankets they take up the whole living room floor.

Alright, maybe not the whole floor, but most of it.

Even though I partially cleaned it Saturday, still the living room is somehow a total mess.

Dining room, too.

The hallway looks good, I will say that.

But I feel like it’s never ending. All the stuff that comes into the house that I then have to figure out how to manage. That’s what I do. I’m a Stuff Manager.

A lot of the things I’m interested in are systems to simplify: I like containers, baskets, boxes, shelves, devices designed to organize your belongings.

The rest of my family just likes belongings.

I’m not saying I don’t also like just regular stuff. I love clothes of all kinds, obviously. And if I find something that looks and or feels exceptionally good I will compulsively buy ten of it.

I like the occasional book, though Kindle often works better for my hands because I can access it on my phone, which is easier to hold.

I love music, but I prefer it on Spotify to a CD.

I like movies that can be stored on Netflix or whatever; I do not need the 25th anniversary director’s cut blu ray edition, though I can appreciate why some people like that.

The problem with Netflix is that we counted on them to have certain shows that they later got rid of. If we’d known they were going to do that, we might not have given up all of our old school South Park DVDs…or we might have. It’s hard to say. Do you eventually outgrow that show, regardless?

But you get my point, right? No? Have I lost you again?

My point is that I like stuff, but not overly so. I’m not a collector of stuff, except possibly clothes.

And even with clothes I’m not ridiculous. I don’t think I ever pay full price for anything of mine. For birthdays and Christmas I ask for TJX gift cards because I do enjoy shopping.

My favorite kind of stuff is stuff that makes all the other stuff less daunting, like over-the-door pantry storage shelves, and bins in your trunk to sort your groceries.

Easylife Over the Door Pantry Organizer
Simniam Trunk Organizer

Living in a smallish home (1600 sq ft), I also love, love, looooove, space-savers of every kind.

This little guy (Mind Reader Anchor Collection) was not even $15 on Amazon, and it saves me so much cabinet space.

Mind Reader Anchor Collection Coffee Pod Holder

This stuff is my kind of stuff.

Anyway, I did not mean to make this one big giant plug for Amazon and its affiliates. And now I have to go.

Have a massive Monday, my friends. Talk soon. Thanks for reading. 🙂❤️

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