What to Do? đź‘Ť

We’re trying to decide what to do.

  • Aislyn wants to color eggs, but Desmond doesn’t
  • Desmond wants to make number cookies, but Aislyn doesn’t
  • Desmond wants to go in the backyard, but it’s muddy

We decided on sidewalk chalk in the driveway. It’s still kind of cold out here for end of March. Where’s my warm weather?

Patience…is something I wish I had more of.

They’re under each other’s skin. It might be worth it to consider splitting them up between us sometimes, encourage parent and child bonding and whatnot.

We finally decided on puzzles. The 50 states for Aislyn, and a 750-piece cat puzzle for Desmond.

It seemed to chill them out quite a bit.

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