Hallway Junk Drawer Post 👍

Good morning. I got up at 2:00, but went back to sleep for a while and unfortunately had a nightmare. I screamed to wake myself up from it.

It wasn’t a really scary one. I was just at an impasse in the dream and I knew it was only a dream and I was trying to wake myself up. Does that count as a nightmare?

I took my Topomax. It was a bit more disturbing than a regular dream.

I woke up Desmond. And I’m on the first floor.

My birthday is in a few days. I didn’t tell anyone at work. I don’t really like lots of attention drawn to me, believe it or not. Plus I think birthdays are mostly for kids, anyway.

Desmond’s new Crunch Labs came yesterday. Desmond wants me to be involved with Crunch Labs, too. Maybe we can figure out a way.

Report cards came yesterday, too. Not surprisingly, both were outstanding. Mama is proud.

I need to go up and take my pills.

Talk soon.

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