Cat Dander and Calories 👍

There’s this place called The Tipsy Tabby that opened in Newmarket that I really want to drop into for a moment. The reason I don’t want to stay long is it is a cafe full of cats. I like cats, but their fur doesn’t like me. I’m allergic.

You might be puzzled by this. “But Leah,” you say, “you have cats.” Yes I do. Like everything else, I take medication for it. Just OTC, Chlor-trimeton-type stuff. And I never touch my eyes after touching them.

If I go to a place with more than two cats, though, or unfamiliar cats, I’ll feel it for sure, after a few minutes.

I never had any allergies until after I hit puberty. Then, every time I went over my cousin’s, house, who had two cats, after about half an hour, it would become unbearable and I’d have to leave.

But I want to see the place. And their desserts sound good.

Hmmm…cat dander and calories. Are these perhaps red flags to stay away?

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