Switch Jacket Season 👍

Got to get to work on time today, so I don’t feel like I have to stay late and deal with GWERPH.

Isn’t funny how I just wrote that post about having a hard time with difficult people?

“Case in point,” says God.

This is switch jacket season, where you go into work wearing one jacket and come out wearing another on account of the rising temp.

Although today it’s already 39 degrees out. I could get away with something other than my winter coat.

Daniel said he tried going into work at 4:00 the other day. Ugh. What a long day that must have been. Rick did that everyday. 4-2. He used to tell me to come in early. I’m guessing for the company. Matt’s a bit of a grouch.

I just defeated a fly with my bare hand. That’s right. One hand. My fingers, actually.

Orange Glory is my superhero name.

Of course, superheroes probably don’t murder harmless insects, do they…

Hey listen. That bug would’ve flown right up my nose. It happens all the stinking time. I had to do something!

Not to go way off topic, but I’m going to: the Topomax works extraordinarily well. I don’t know what it does, but the only nightmares I ever have now are when I forget to take it.

Anyway, time to get going. Have a thoughtful Thursday, a safe commute, and thanks as always for reading. ❤️

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