It’s Been a Day 👍

I forget how dang hot the south warehouse is until I’m down there for hours. And I’m not just peeling labels today. I’m running around like a crazy person, actually, and I’m very much out of practice with pickups, so people are being all shirty with me about every little thing, including which direction to place the pallet.

Maybe it just seems nit picky to me, I don’t know.

ETA for glasses is March 30, so a week from today.

It’s now occurring to me that I will also be needing work glasses with all the same requirements as my regular glasses. Because otherwise I’m going to be sitting here doing the same thing as always: reading without my eyes on.

I totally forgot to set a timer for the end of my break.

Also totally forgotten: my follow up appointment with the hand surgeon this morning. But they were able to fit me in tomorrow afternoon.

I wrote this post a few hours ago and forgot to publish it. I picked up Desmond from school because he wasn’t feeling well. So now, we’re home.

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