Yer Late

It’s true. I am. I was on a roll, didn’t want to stop what I was working on.

This dude is listening to Barbara Streisand without earbuds, humming and whistling along and it’s just about making me want to scream.

Barbara Streisand reminds me of my mother and her voice made me sad even when I was a little girl. Oh, he’s leaving, thank God.

Irving (Creepy Extruding Guy) is in the comfy corner, so I can’t sit over there.

Motorcycle Kid (if I named him, I don’t remember) actually turned around to check me out.



I am way down on the scale today, maybe he’s noticing. Yeah, right.

No, I know it’s way too early for me to look any different. It’s only been a few weeks since I’ve really started losing again. I’m not that deluded.

I have a headache, I think from taking off my glasses to read my phone, but I’m not sure.

I’m not ready to go back.

See you in a little bit. 💗

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