The Difficult Kind 👍

I had to laugh at myself the other day when I actually heard myself say the words, “…and I get along with everybody!”


While I wish that was the case, sadly, no, I do not get along with everyone.

Do I get along with most people? Sure. Absolutely. But most people are easy to get along with.

Not surprisingly, it’s the difficult ones I have a hard time with.

I know I’ve ended two sentences with prepositions and I am not apologizing for it.

I admire those who do well with challenging personalities. If I don’t steer clear I invariably wind up squaring off with them. They are extremely adept at putting me on the defensive.

I can’t believe it’s already time to go. I got up early today and everything. I feel like I just barely sat down.

Have a wacky Wednesday, friends. Drive safely. Thanks for reading. 🥰

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