Forget It 👍

I delayed this break just a little, too. I like to have less time left of the day when I come back from break. I just usually can’t wait that long. Today, for some reason, I’ve been able to.

It’s been a dull day thus far. I keep waiting for something awesome to happen.

Maybe Wednesday is just not that awesome.

Every time the door opens I look up, hoping it’s Evan, because there was something I wanted to tell him from Monday that I’m going to forget again if I don’t see him in the next few minutes!

But it’s no use. He would’ve gotten here not that long ago and would thus have no reason to be in here right now.

Brain like a sieve, folks.

I could fall asleep in this warm, sunny, black leather chair.

I’m ready to go home. Honda hasn’t been audited yet, though. I don’t feel like I make much of an impact without the tugger, anyway.

And every time I transfer a returnable to the warehouse, I have to pass Irving, whose job seems to be to stand in the aisle and stare at people. Seriously, does he get paid to do this?

Well…yeah. He does. And I’m beyond fed up with him.

Well, Evan, I’m sorry, but you will probably never know what I have to say to you because you failed to use the power of ESPN to read my mind, stop the important work you were doing and get your butt down here so I could barrage you with my inane commentary.

Of course, if he had ESPN, he’d already know what I was going to say and not have to come down, anyway.

Lunch is ovah. See you later. ❤️

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