Ah, Confound It! 👍

I already pretty much used this title long ago, but in a different way.

I’ve been using Google Sheets to graph and study data through the wee hours of the morning, and I don’t feel one bit smarter.

That’s a lie. I learned that my name highlighted in a cell just means I’m viewing my document from another device. If someone else was viewing my document from their phone or laptop, like, if I’d shared it with one of my data nerd friends, their name would appear.

I also learned that too much data can convolute your findings.

I’ve also discovered that, presently, I see my phone screen best with no glasses at all. Scary, isn’t it.

I don’t think I’m going to continue to recommend Eye Buy to people. Their frames are cute and cheap, but they were supposed to make me progressives, and they sent me glasses that not only were not progressives, but also hurt my eyes.

I think you are always best off with face-to-face, brick and mortar businesses for your eyewear. Actually, to be honest with you, I’ve always thought that. I just didn’t want to pay $500 for lenses.

But I literally need them to function, so, might as well get the best ones I can.

Anyway, so I made some more beautiful graphs. This is January. Pretty tame, right?

Nothing going on, here.

Okay. Now here’s February:

Soooo boring, except for that one outlier.

And now, March…

What the…?!


Must go. Kids fighting.

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