The Perfect Union 👍

Since I started interspersing plain water with soda, I’m in the bathroom 100 times a day.

I’m almost feeling like it’s not worth it, because the bathroom is so far away from where I am.

Everything is far away from where I am. That’s probably why I’m starting to lose again.

Yup, I’m down on the scale, so that’s a good thing.

I’m at a table because that guy is in my chair again. And, yes, I have a right to be annoyed with him. Last time, he bragged to his friend how he’d been in here for 40 minutes.

I guess, I’m no better. My 15s are more like 25s.

Anyway, enough about that guy.

It’s been, errr…moderate this morning. Just busy enough. Everyone is using red boxes, so there’s plenty for me to do.

Sponges are long with several interlocking prongs. When you marry them together it saves space. Evan taught me that.

I hope he’s okay. Whatever it is, he won’t say.

Let’s get married

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