Early for My Appointment 👍

I ate nothing but junk today. Banana bread, Bugles, cookie dough, caramel popcorn. I am so sluggish, now.

Not that I wouldn’t have been, anyway. I’m off my Adderall.

At the safety committee, I found out they got names of people who showed up early yesterday and tried to work in the dark. DE told us to stock the production floor. How was I to know?

I mean, in retrospect, it makes sense they wouldn’t expect us to work in the dark, but I better not get in trouble for this.

They were being kind of mean about it, too. Like someone said we probably only pretended not to get the message about the delay so we could get paid for the day or the two hours or whatever.

I wouldn’t do that.

I should’ve just gone home and come back.

Anyway, it was a pretty good day. I didn’t have a lunch break because of my appointment, but I did run into Evan several times.

I guess I see him more often now that he’s in and out of extruding all the time.

He’s very very busy, though.

I got my stitches out, but I’m not supposed to drive the tugger for a month!

More steps, I guess.

I’m going to close my eyes for 35 minutes until groceries get here.

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