In the Dark 👍

I missed a text, email, and all call about the power being out at work. So I showed up at 5 whatever when I didn’t need to be here until 8.

At 7:30, Eddie sent me home.

At 9, while I was in Hannaford, I got an all call. Power back on. I made the mistake of texting Eddie: should I come back?

“If you wouldn’t mind,” he said.

I’ve been here since just after 10. It is dead. I could have totally stayed in Dover, made all my phone calls.

The good news is, I’m out of my kitchen.

The good news is, I’m comfortably back in a size 16, which I haven’t been since Christmas, I think?

The bad news is CEG is in here with me. By myself.

I had a nice chat with the incoming materials manager yesterday, after the meeting. We talked for a good 20 minutes about her anxious kindergartner-to-be riding the school bus in September. I recommended a social story.

She looks about my age. Maybe she’s a bit younger.

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