Break OWWWWWT! 👍

It’s the best part of a Foo Fighters song. And also the worst part of what’s happening to my skin right now. ☹️

I hate breakouts. Maybe that’s too obvious. Who likes them?

It’s just that, when I was a kid, I used to think pimples were a puberty thing, a just-part-of-growing-up thing.

I did not know that for me it was going to be an all-your-life thing. ☹️☹️☹️

My dad had it as a kid so bad he was ashamed to go to school. I never had it that bad. But I had it bad enough to stand out from the rest of my classmates and get picked on occasionally because of it.

Once I got it treated, my skin was beautiful and virtually spotless several years at a time. Then the acne would suddenly come back, and I would have to try something different.

And it’s still that way now.

However, I suspect perimenopause, in this particular case. Hormonal changes in my body. I’ll be 45 in two weeks. It’s my time.

I know, it’s weird, because I look like a young woman, but I’m not. Welcome to middle age…five years ago.

Hopefully, when I’m old, I will not look a day over middle aged.

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