You’ve Got Me… 👍

What’s different today?

I dunno.

At first I just had an emoji of a tiny woman shrugging. Then I put it into words, instead.

There’s a huge sense of security in uniformity, isn’t there. You begin to rely on your same events, numbers, what have you.

Then they change (or don’t change) and you go, uh-oh. What happened? Is everything okay?

My hand feels definitely better today than it did any day last week. I feel like I can do more. I still wouldn’t drive the tugger, yet, but the Hondas are fine to manipulate.

I have stuff to return to the UPS Store after work. Well, bras. I should’ve known when the wires felt like they were digging into me that something wasn’t right.

It’s still just really hard for me to believe that I’m as, errrr, endowed as I am, even with all the extra weight.

Okay I don’t want to talk about this anymore.

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