Crunch Labs 👍

They say caffeinated beverages irritate the bladder and make you go more than water. Yeah, I don’t buy it.

Since I started drinking stupid plain water, I’ve been in and out of the bathroom more than…a plumber.

There’s this engineer, Mark Rober, from Indiana. He’s about my age. I know because he loves American Gladiators and all the same video games as I did growing up: remember Street Fighter II? I could beat M. Bison with no strategy at all. I ruled at that game.

Mark Rober

Anyway, Desmond YouTubes him all the time. He has his own warehouse full of machines and devices he invented, mostly to play games with.

He’s rigged up his bathroom to alert everyone when someone has used the toilet without washing their hands. A red light goes off over the door.

He creates Rube Goldberg machines to get squirrels to literally jump through hoops and perform all kinds of other tricks to work for their bird feeder treats.

So Desmond is completely fascinated with this dude.

As luck would have it, Rober has designed a STEM program called Crunch Labs in which, for, like, $25 a month, you get a project to work on in the mail. You get a new one every month.

The first one is a disk launcher, which Desmond assembled easily with minimal support.

Disk launcher

After he built the disk launcher, he made a target and set up a scoring system, put it on the wall. So cool.

I had thought about getting him Crunch Labs for a while. I’m so glad I did. It was the best investment I’ve made in a long time. Because it has helped to grow his love of learning and discovery.

And, really, it’s very affordable. It costs less than my WW membership. We can swing it if it means he is enjoying STEM and being appropriately challenged.

Costs way less than Dunkin,’ right? So…

Anyway, that’s my morning post for today. Have a great AM, friends. Talk later.

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