Tired A Lot 👍

Sorry I haven’t been around much, lately. I’ve been doing things. But I’ve also been kind of sluggish and unable to get out of my own way.

I think it’s the Topomax. I think I was not so nappy before it. Now I want to take naps all the time.

I prefer not to need naps.

The thing is, the Topomax is working. I’m not having nightmares. Except for the night I forgot to take it. But I’ve set an alarm so as not to forget from now on.

Also I’m running out of Adderall again. I’m afraid this will be a year-long struggle. At least a year on account of the national shortage. I think I should just see if he’ll switch me back to Concerta.

I have a post in draft status listing all my daily routines by room. I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to use it, yet, but I figure it could come in handy somehow.

Lucky something tomorrow. Even if I don’t have any luck tomorrow, I’m sure someone could use some.

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