Time Change đź‘Ť

It’s 3:30, not 2:30, and all’s well. Except I forgot to feed the cats. And I’ve already sat down.

Other things I forgot: to take my Topomax. That’s because I took my Mirapex much earlier, because I couldn’t sit still during Aislyn’s play date. And I normally take the two together.

Sure enough, I woke up at midnight, screaming about intruders breaking into the apartment I grew up in.

That never really happened. I was just afraid it would when I was a kid.

We were born and spent most of our formative years in Lynn, Mass. We were always scared of stuff like that.

In New Hampshire, people leave their doors open overnight and their cars running at the store.

In Massachusetts, we don’t trust nobody.

I had my car broken into here in my NH driveway not too many years ago, so I don’t think it’s safe to leave anything unlocked, anywhere, ever.

I can’t sleep in a house that’s unlocked.

It might be weird, or it might be sensible, I’m not sure.

I don’t know how the time change will affect me, if at all. Usually, it helps. More daylight. Pretty soon, I put away the light box. But with the continuing snow?

This year’s not like other years. It still feels wintry. Gray.

I will probably keep it out longer because of that.

I should get up and finish my kitchen routine.

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