My Shopping Experience 👍

Prior to Aislyn’s play date, I stopped at Hannaford for a snack for our company and some teas. I knew I was probably getting a fruit platter, so I grabbed one of the two big ones there.

I also got some chicken breasts for dinner: 0 points, but I ended up eating oatmeal instead: 4 points, plus 2 points for walnuts. Still good for dinner.

Then, I looked at crackers. I was hoping to find something low-point, but even as I was looking, I told myself, “You know you’ll just eat 100 of them.” So I didn’t buy crackers.

Then I found the tea.

Then I went down the frozen food aisle. I spent a long time down that aisle. Why?

Ice cream.

There are lots of mini versions of ice cream novelties, now. It’s like a dream come true.

No, it’s a dream too good to be true. Because, again, I reasoned to myself, I would only end up eating multiple bars.

So I didn’t buy any.

Full disclosure: I do have some ice cream bars at home already, but the ones I saw in the store were way better.

I think this shows I’m making better decisions overall.

I’m also not ordering DoorDash for dinner. I want a good weigh-in tomorrow.

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