June Cork đź‘Ť

We are having brunch at this place called The June Cork Pub on Third Street.

That’s the nice thing about living where we do. We are a two-minute walk from all the downtown restaurants and shops, parks and museums, etc.

I guess I could’ve just said “We’re a two-minute walk from the bustling downtown” and you would’ve gotten the point.

Anyway, you can order a la carte. Since I had oatmeal at 4:30, and I want a blue dot today, I think I’m going to just order eggs and fruit and coffee, which will be about 2 points.

Usually I have a Belgian waffle, but I just had one of those. How many Belgian waffles does one person really need?

And yesterday was another pretty loose tracking day, in that I stopped tracking at a certain point.

Anyway, that’s my plan. I will let you know later if I act on it.

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