Animal Dynamics 👍

I am sitting under my toasty warm heated polar bear blanket from Grandpa and Mimi (my dad and stepmom) with my reading glasses on, an ice pack on my arm and a Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi between my legs.

Yup, I must look pretty strange.

I got hormone collars for the cats. We have yet to put them on. Well, that’s a lie, I tried to put on Shane’s, but I put it on too loose and he very quickly and easily got out of it.

But they desperately need them. Shane hardcore bullies Finny. Probably why Finny is the way he is.

Shane is lovable and sweet to us, but he’s mean to Finny. Finny isn’t a huge fan of anyone but Derek, and occasionally he even swipes at Derek, and I think it’s because he’s constantly under stress from Shane. I mostly give him tons of space and not much attention, if I’m being honest. I talk to him a little, but that’s about it.

Shane gets the lion’s share of my affections.

I feel sorry for Finny. But Finny, with his cat sensibilities, I’m certain, neither wants nor needs my pity. He simply requires my prompt and consistent delivery of his dry food and water, please and thank you.

Plus, Finny gets plenty of attention from his preferred person, so he’s probably all set.

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