Lucky Lady 👍

I am down a smidgeon more on the scale than I was even yesterday, which is extremely fortunate, considering I stopped tracking last night. And overate.

It’s not too late to track it, I suppose. I remember, I think, what I had.

69 points. Yikes. 43 weeklies in the hole. Somehow, though, I am amazingly still down.

It’s because and only because I’m doing a much better job tracking. I’m telling you, friends, that’s the secret to success. That’s all you have to do. Track your foods.

If you do it accurately and honestly, even if you are still going over budget, you will naturally adjust over time, eat less, and lose weight.

So, why did I overeat last night? I was on a nice trajectory.

Well, I am an emotional eater, and I think I was feeling worried.

Please understand, I’m not making excuses for my behavior. Just looking for the source to make it easier to prevent another, similar situation.

I know that I was worried, I was blogging, I did not have on reading glasses, the screen was blurry, my head hurt, I was tired, I was starting to feel hungry, and I knew there was leftover pizza in the fridge. I wanted that pizza. So I ate what was left of it.

Then the rest of the night was a slippery slope, as they don’t say, because I don’t think I’m using it correctly, here. 😉 The rest of the night snowballed, how’s that?

I need to remember to lint brush the whole front of me, where Shane sat. I’m hoping if I write it, I’ll remember to do it.

Why would you have to work only part time? What could be serious enough to give up a job you wanted for at least seven months, but probably much longer?

I’m jumping all over the place this morning. I don’t mean to. I feel like it’s somehow related to my blurry vision. Isn’t that weird?

Reading glasses are weird, too, though, I can only see right in front of me. Don’t try to look at a clock, God help you.

I might leave early, like, really early, like, now-ish. I keep getting there later than 5:30, but I’m still technically scheduled from 6-2, so I don’t get dinged.

But I still want to make the effort to be on time.

Even though I leave at 5:00, I’m still a minute late everyday. Why?

I’m not sure when this whole thing for me is going to come to fruition, if it does. Eddie said he didn’t want to make any promises because it would have to get approved by HR and the plant manager, which, of course, I understand. But Eddie and John need to talk more about it before anything else.

John asked if I minded waiting a bit. Of course I said no, and that is true. I like my job. I love being active. And it might finally be starting to pay off again. I lost 12 pounds in September, but unfortunately I gained most of it back.

It’s still hard waiting for exciting news, though.

I’m glad Evan didn’t have to leave altogether. I would’ve been so sad. He’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and to just one day not be there anymore? Oh, my gosh. That would’ve been hard.

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