Another Surgery?!

Yes, I’m probably getting another surgery this year, now that I’ve met my deductible.

I know, I know. It’s a lot. But there are a lot of things wrong with me, okay? I’m falling apart, peeps!

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what this problem is, because it’s embarrassing. But don’t worry. It’s not life-threatening.

No, it’s not any kind of augmentation or reduction; I don’t need either, thank you.

It is not cosmetic at all.

It’s just a huge nuisance that interferes with my quality of life enough that I want it fixed.

Okay, well, I actually have to go. I was on the phone setting up a referral for quite a while.

Oh! I keep meaning to mention, though. I’m drinking a whole lot of just plain water over the last three days. My Crystal Lite was giving me heartburn, so I basically have no choice.

It’s slowing down my soda consumption.

Don’t expect any miracles over the weekend, though.

Talk later 🥰

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