That Explains A Lot

I just bumped into Evan, who, thank goodness, asked me how it went with John. I don’t know what my deal is, but sometimes with certain people, I get stuck.

What was way more interesting, though, was his story. Apparently, he had to resign the ShopVue position because for some reason he can’t work full time, right now. So he’s he’s doing quality assurance part time. That’s why he’s in extruding all the time. That’s why everyday has been casual Friday.

That’s why I never see him in the morning, anymore, I’m thinking. I used to see him come in sometimes. Now he’s over at the time clock much later.


There was never any QA position advertised. They must really, really like him.

If it were me, I know I’d want to hold on to him, too.

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