Up 2:30 đź‘Ť

Well, I did go to bed at 5:00. But I was kind of sick.

I woke up periodically, every couple of hours. No nightmares, though. Just regular dreams.

I think it’s my new glasses, giving me all the headaches. The prescription’s not right. Or the glasses aren’t right. Or something. I can’t see far away, anymore. I can’t read signs or clocks.

So I’m wearing my old ones for now until I get it straightened out.

Maybe Eyebuydirect isn’t the best venue for progressives. Maybe I need to go to a brick and mortar eye glass store.

I’m frustrated with the WW app. It’s stuck at -8 weeklies. It should be at +1 from yesterday: 22.5k steps.

Maybe it takes a while to catch up.

I’m frustrated with the scale, which is going up, despite three consecutive, quite good days. This is why I didn’t want to weigh myself daily.

I don’t want to say I think I’m headed for good change, because I don’t want to jinx it. I think I’m headed on the right trajectory. I’ve been turning down takeout more often.

I am bringing a couple of slices of small pizza for lunch, though, because Derek ordered me a small pizza last night just in case, and I hate wasting food. I figure it’s okay if I eat it in moderation.

Going for now. Talk later, my friends.

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