Like a Boss? 👍

Remember that guy who questioned me towing Honda returnables on the tugger?

Today, that same guy was on a tour with some woman and a few guests, and they had stopped in the front of the WH.

I was coming down the walkway, and the guy starts pointing at me, then pointing toward the WH exit. I’m gesturing, “What?”

Then I see. Then I get it. There’s a delivery guy at the door. He is directing me to answer the door.

Just who does this guy think he is? Why does he act like he’s got authority over me?

I don’t mind being told what to do when it’s appropriate.

Yes, I get that he’s “just trying to be helpful.” However, it is not his responsibility to delegate that task to me or anyone else in the WH. And given our prior interaction, his questioning my tugger activities and so on, it sends up a red flag for me.

I absolutely hate being micromanaged. I will not allow it. I am going to Eddie about this before it gets worse.

I know the personality type, you see. I worked alongside this very personality for three years, and she was the reason I left. I call it: The Busybody.

I refuse to fall victim to his subjugation!

Am I overreacting? Possibly. Realize, though, this is partially tongue-in-cheek.

I suspect this young man has been told throughout his life in so many words to mind his own business. I’m sure the problem is not unique to me.

Anyway, I have to go.

So far, today is not as awesome as yesterday. But I guess everyday can’t be as awesome as the last. 😉

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