8:00 Break 👍

I think I’m just going to shoot for 8:00, from now on, production floor activity permitting. I don’t think there’s really any point in waiting around, is there… 😐

I get here early now, anyway. By 8:00, I feel like I need to be off my feet for a little bit.

My arm kind of still hurts today.

I was thinking about the statement “Not a morning person” and what a sham it is. It’s just an excuse to behave like a butthead in the morning. It is a cop out. No one likes getting out of bed. Man up and crack a smile.

And when I say “man up,” I’m referring to women, too. I just want to make that clear. I was going to use a more colorful word than “man”when I remembered how much Desmond likes to read these, so…

It’s like women who call themselves, errr…witches, with a B. It’s just permission to behave badly. It’s like a bragging rite for them. I don’t subscribe to that.

There’s a difference between being assertive, strong, sticking up for yourself, and just getting off on being mean.

I’m not a witch with a B. I’m a woman who does her best to stick up for herself in unjust situations.

Also, I don’t subscribe to other narratives people sell themselves. Like, “I’m bad with names.” No you’re not. Take the extra effort and remember the other person.

I’m probably guilty of it, too. “I’m not good at math.” I have to work at it, but I do okay.

I’ve way overstayed my welcome. Have a good morning, friends. Talk later. ❤️ ♥️ 💜

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