Hee Hee Hee ☺️ 👍

Not bummed out anymore.

I did; however, momentarily lose faculty of my speech, rendering me useless at a critical moment.

I asked Eddie if John mentioned our conversation at all. Well, turns out he did. They’re having a meeting and will discuss it some more today.


I absolutely must thank Evan as soon as humanly possible. It is almost like a compulsive need for me. Hee hee. Compulsive gratitude. It seems almost oxy-moronish.

No, but really. My cup runneth over. I’ve never met as kind and helpful people as I have here, and sometimes it’s overwhelming.

How do I adequately articulate what I’m feeling?

He’s lucky I’m not really a hugger, outside of my kids, let’s just say. I’d probably hop that railing and jump all over him. Like a border collie on her owner. Like Tigger on Pooh.

I don’t know. But I know I did the right thing, staying.

Tigger on Pooh

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