Miscellaneous and Laundry 🧺 👍

I sit helplessly by as the mouse scratches the ceiling in the kitchen. I can hear it from the living room. I can hear it from the dining room. There is nowhere for me to go.

Here’s a question: isn’t the first floor ceiling also the second floor…floor? Why do we never see that son of a B anywhere on the second floor?

I guess I’m not complaining.

Maybe I’ll accidentally step on it one night and break its neck.

I’m so nice.

I just hate pests. I was brought up to hate and fear them. It’s all I know, okay? Leave me alone.

I don’t want my kids to grow up unnecessarily fearful of all kinds of things. I feel like I kind of did. But on the other hand, you do have to be careful.

Some animals carry disease.

Most people are good, but a few are bad, which is why I recently removed most of the kids’ pictures again. I get nervous.

Am I too sensitive? Probably. I don’t know how not to be.

Just like being too tense all the time with my body. I don’t know how not to be tense.

In the 5th grade one day, we were making a space station out of Legos. Something about what we were doing must have been making me feel uncomfortable, because I had my arms crossed against my chest so impossibly tightly that my friend, Sarah, gently said to me, “Leah, be normal.”

I didn’t even realize I had been doing it. That’s how it usually goes. As an adult, it might look subtler.

Or it might not, I’m not sure. I’d have to ask someone who knows me.

Not to jump to a whole other subject, but I’m going to. The Topomax seems to be helping somewhat with nightmares. I feel like they’re not as bad, at least, as they used to be. Not as scary. I do think I’m still talking in my sleep, though.

It’s hard to know for sure. We’re on really different, almost opposite sleep schedules right now. Often, I’m getting up when he’s coming to bed.

I only had that one day of drowsiness. After that, I’ve seemed to adjust.

What are my plans for today?

Well, there is a ton of laundry to fold, and somewhere in those mountains of clothes are my jeans that I need for today.

I have these Wallflower bootcut jeans that I just love the look of so much that I’ve bought them in literally every size from 16-22.

Yes, weight fluctuation costs a lot of money. Especially when you donate clothes that become too big, but then, unfortunately, you wind up needing them again.

That’s why I need to understand and get used to the whole WW lifestyle; not just the weight loss portion of the program.

I would argue that maintenance is much harder than losing, because I’ve made it to lifetime status before, but not been able to stay there.

I have to not stop going to meetings, once I make lifetime again.

But I’m not there, yet. I’m only just beginning this journey, so let’s not worry about it right now.

I told Derek just not to machine dry any of my bras because you’re really not supposed to and they shrink. I hope he remembered.

I mean, I get it. When you’re loading tons of stuff into the dryer, you’re not always paying attention to what’s going in there.

The problem is that when they have wires in them and the material shrinks, they get all misshapen and become basically useless.

Ideally, of course, you want to hand wash your bras. But who has time for that, honestly? If I washed and dried all my clothes according to the label, every surface of my house would be covered in my sweaters all the time.

I never feel like I’ve done a good enough job, anyway, when I hand wash my clothes.

I think you’re never supposed to machine-anything your unmentionables. They’re supposed to be hand washed and air dried. But, I’m sorry, it’s like I said: no one has the time or frankly, the space.

Once, freshman year of college, I can’t remember why, but I had to hang dry my underwear all over my dorm room. Maybe they didn’t dry all the way in the dryer and I ran out of quarters.

Whatever it was, they were on full display, and my roommate’s boyfriend and his friend unexpectedly walked in the room.

Both my roommates thought it was hilarious. I all but died.

The good news, I guess, is they were cute underwear. No rips or nuthin. 😳

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